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Tuesday, 03 April 2012 11:29

Welcome to YasNet General Trading PLC, Ethiopia

YasNet is an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) based company registered as a Private Limited Company (PLC) in Ethiopia in 2011G.C. The company has established with the objectives to provide ICT professional services positioned to render quality and time efficient services with great confidentiality and precision to the customers as an individual as well as a corporate organization and ICT related industries.

YasNet has marked its presence in the world Information Technology (IT) business to expose and enhance the technological and resource-based potentials of Ethiopia from a whole new perspective. What we do and what we create define our dreams encouraging international relations, global resource sharing and bridging a new line of communication worldwide.

YasNet provides a full range of information and technological solutions on a project basis tailoring the needs of our customers. Comprising successfully completed projects; YasNet is the ideal choice for an outsourcing partner.

Our ICT Solutions & Services are: Enterprise Solutions & Licensing, Networking & Security Solutions, Unified Communication Solutions, Data Center & Cloud Solutions, Computing & Storage Solutions, System & Website Development, ICT Infrastructure Solution, IT Service Management, ICT Consulting, Timely 24x7x365 Business Support Service, Organizing National & International Events & Conferences, and Professional IT Training.

Experiences: We have been working for the last 8 years in different business areas with the successful delivery of the ICT system, professional services, & other services.

Qualification: We have more than 12 qualified IT technicians in Data Center, Cisco, Microsoft, DellEMC, VMware, Oracle, and others for all system installation, configuration, & supports.

Partners: We are partnered with more than 18 world leading ICT companies like Microsoft, Cisco, DellEMC, VMware, APC, IBM, WD, HP, Lenovo, Seagate, Kaspersky, Intel, Canon, Epson, etc.

Award: We are awarded for World Quality Commitment (WQC), in the year of 2014, Paris.

Warranty: We have 5 years partial service warranty, 3 years full-service warranty & predefined products replacement warranty.

Conclusion: YasNet is a capable and dedicated multi-disciplinary company with the correct solution-based approach in meeting and exceeding our client’s expectations. YasNet is an ideal outsourcing partner. Choose YasNet for all Your ICT Solutions with Confidence!

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General Manager's Message

Dear Sir/Madam,

The global expansion of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is the result of demand created by individual’s/organizations constant need to gather more and more information each day for business solutions. As time passes the demand for an easier and faster way of information mining is generated as ICT itself grows.

This is evident that there exists a correlation between the cycle of growth and development of the ICT infrastructure and people’s growing demand for better alternatives. Technology is just not an end in itself, it can contribute greatly to the growth of the economy and thus improved the living standard of human being.

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